News… Big Ups Share New Track ‘Capitalized’

Image: Adam Kolodny.

IS IT GOING TO BE REALLY ANNOYING IF WE WRITE THE REST OF THE ARTICLE LIKE THIS? YES? Okay then. But you know that New York punks Big Ups would have probably approved as their new track ‘Capitalized’ pretty much demands your attention.

Listening to ‘Capitalized’ is like being hit in the face with a brick made of bass and fuzz, which is probably the nicest thing you can possibly be struck around that area with. It’s loud, and contains a ridiculous amount of raw energy that bursts out of your speakers at a hundred miles an hour. If you’re wearing headphones I feel for your eardrums but at least they’ll be crushed while listening to some of the best punk the other side of the pond has to offer.

Listen to ‘Capitalized’ below.

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