News… Drones Club Share ‘Telescope Lover’ From New Double A-Side

If you put up the image above in an art gallery and stood back, you’d probably be able to do a pretty good critical analysis on it. You see, London based dance collective Drones Club are signed to the same label that brought us Disclosure and Jessie Ware, two artists who know that in the world of dance and R&B, a strong image is key. And Drones Club certainly make for a striking bunch. The band wear boiler suits and masks at their gigs to illustrate their idea that human beings are now little more than drones themselves, and you can’t help but get the impression that their press shots are deliberately riffing on old images of Jungle to make a kind of cheekily ironic statement.

Enough about image though, this is supposed to be about the music; and there’s definitely a number of more melodic reasons why the collective have been picked up by PMR. ‘Telescope Lover’ is a medley of pan flutes and disco grooves that come straight from an 80s dancefloor but will have you moving to its infectious beat. It’s the joint A-side of ‘Soul of a Spaceman,’ yet another slice of catchy electronica. They might dress in a uniform manner but their music is anything but regimented.

Listen to ‘Telescope Lover’ below.

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