News… Sauna Youth Reveal The Video For ‘The Bridge’

With slightly shambolic boy-girl vocals, rip-roaring riffs and rolling drums, Sauna Youth aren’t as relaxed as their name suggests. They’re less a wind-down at the spa and more the soundtrack to the heady few minutes after you’ve stepped off a particularly wild rollercoaster. On their album Distractions they maintain a consistently raucous level of noise while also, you know, writing tunes.

So it’s not all squall then and ‘The Bridge’ is a jubilantly jittery example of their prowess. The video for the single sees the band performing as a bunch of youngsters dance around them wearing slightly ill-fitting gym gear in a dark room. The four-piece seem unfazed by it all though (even though there’s something a bit odd and unsettling about the whole set up) that reflects their effortlessly cool brand of punk.

Watch the video for ‘The Bridge’ below. It’s released as a single on 15th January 2016 on Upset the Rhythm.

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