News… Litany Reveal New Single ‘Work This Out’

Harrogate doesn’t really seem like the type of place that would be oozing electronica from the town borders but Jake Nicolaides and Beth Connell of Litany are always on hand to prove us wrong. With their previous singles, including the wonderful ‘Woman’ featuring the rapping talents of Appleby, they managed to carve out a niche for themselves in the dark, moody caves forged by James Blake and SOHN.

So maybe it’s a bit of a surprise to see them leaning more towards pure pop on their latest release ‘Work This Out.’ Still, if anyone can handle the vague transition it’s Litany and they weather the storm between chilled dubstep and pop with ease. It even (shock!) marries some pretty bouncy synths with Connell’s seductive tones.

Listen to ‘Work This Out’ below.

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