Notes On… Queen of Jeans

Last December at a New Year’s Eve party, the individuals between Queen of Jeans made a pact. And don’t worry, to our knowledge this pact didn’t involve anything as schmaltzy as the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants or involve satanism. We think. We think it was just all about getting together after years of being friends to form their band Queen of Jeans. Miriam, Nina and Matheson were soon making music that they described as “a never ending sleepover with slapstick fighting to boot.”

But if that sounds like your idea of hell then don’t worry! There’s a hardened edge to the trio’s 60s girl group charm that combines a classic wall of sound with rough lo-fi guitars and harmonies. They recently signed to Super Fan 99 and to celebrate they’re officially releasing ‘Dance (Get Off Your Ass),’ a slice of scuzz and a call to arms that manages to be both taut and very laid back. They’ve made that possible, anyway.

On their other track ‘Rollerdyke’ they combine washed out pop vocals with even more reverb and some pounding drums to increasingly infectious effect – give the song a chance to get into its stride and you’ll find a ridiculously catchy blast of lo-fi here.

Don your denim and get down with the Queen of Jeans.

Listen to ‘Dance (Get Off Your Ass)’ below. The single is out on Super Fan 99 on 8th January 2016.

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