News… Swim Share Their Latest Track ‘Lying To You’

This is no joke. It may have only been a mere 19 days since Malmo duo Swim shared their beautiful slice of synthpop ‘Next To Me’ but they’ve already followed it up with something equally as glorious, in the shape of the chopped and skewed ‘Lying To You’.

Erika said of the track: “‘Lying To You’ is about love. It is actually about love when it is only existing in a galloping mind. How you’ve tried to love someone who can’t receive your love, and how it turns your love into nothing but lies.” So it’s a heavy topic and one that’s accompanied by a cacophony of seemingly disparate elements creating a beautifully unified whole. Strings, massive amounts of bass and their most pounding beats to date combine to be part of their most compelling and memorable tunes to date (and that’s saying something). In a world filled with boy/girl synthpop duos, Swim continue to be the kings of the pool.

Listen to ‘Lying to You’ below. Their Next To Me EP comes out on 11th December 2015 via HMWL.

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