News… GRRL Pal Want You To Get ‘Caught By The Light’

So, do you want to take a guess as to who was putting out the most consistently amazing pop tunes on a regular basis this year? If we compiled a list, Perth’s GRRL Pal would be pretty high up there. They didn’t have any massive, bumper singles this year. That’s because they decided they wanted to put out eleven. Yeah, eleven. And all of them are ridiculously good.

But wait! Eleven doesn’t make a full year of music. Well, they’ve just released their twelfth track, rounding off their quest to release a track every month for a whole year. And despite all the pressure, ‘Caught By The Light’ might be one of the best yet. Jay LeKat and Danny K have inserted a lush chorus into a song otherwise filled with shape-shifting melodies and a dreamy atmosphere, making it a sleeper pop hit. They’re definite ones to watch for 2016.

High fives all round!

Listen to ‘Caught By The Light’ below.

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