News… Love Buzzard Scream ‘Oh’ On New Single

Image: Keira Cullinane

‘Brutal fuzz’ needs to be a genre and Leeds duo Love Buzzard need to be the pioneers of it. They bang their drums really hard and turn their guitars all the way up to eleven but there’s also a hint of melodic fuzziness that’s a bit more nuanced than your average thrashers.

Made up of Trevor Rancid and Welcome Smithers (we’re not sure but those might not be their real names…) the pair are gearing up to release their album Antifistamines in February. In the run up, they’ve shared ‘Oh.’ Filled with a sense of recklessness and a beautifully shambolic ethos, underneath the break-neck speed of the track there’s something vaguely bluesy about the track that helps to get you hooked. And it’s only a minute and a half long, because no true punks make songs that are longer than two minutes long.

Listen to ‘Oh’ below.

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