News… Roman Lakes and Caoilfhionn Rose Team Up For Joni Mitchell Cover

Tomorrow we’ll be starting our series of special tunes that’ll keep you feeling festive in the run up to Christmas Day. It was going to be the 12 Days Of Christmas, but because Manchester’s Caoilfhionn Rose and Roman Lakes have teamed up to cover Joni Mitchell’s beautiful ‘River,’ we felt that we needed to make this the unofficial thirteenth song in our merry little playlist.

Their version of Mitchell’s song is guitar rather than piano-driven and a bit quieter, but no less beautiful. The breathiness of Caoilfhionn’s voice perfectly suits the muted frustrations of the song’s character, while Lakes’ guitar contributions are wonderfully subtle. Together, they’ve created a tender cover that’ll warm your heart.

Listen to ‘River’ below.

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