12 Days Of Christmas… ‘Hallway Whispers’ by Outside Your House

Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas! For 12 days up to and including Christmas Eve we’re sharing some tunes that’ll be helping you to get into the festive spirit and ranges from everything from pop to R&B, rap to punk rock. Enjoy!

Durham ‘barely rappers’ Outside Your House are perhaps one of the north east of England’s  best-kept secrets, combining brilliant lyrics and beats into a package not usually seen in the region. So what happens when they decide to write a festive tune in aid of The CALMzone (the Campaign Against Living Miserably)? You get this.

Musically, ‘Hallway Whispers’ sometimes gets pretty far from most people’s idea of a ‘traditional Christmas song,’ combining funk and hip hop that’s more suited to tropical islands than snow-flecked streets. But throw in some festive-themed lyrics (which you can barely-rap along to if you wish) and a smattering of ‘Little Town of Bethlehem’ and you’ve got a recipe for some seriously good fun. You’ll also be pleased to know that they spared absolutely no expense making their sing-along video, so expect a production level as high as on Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas As You.’*

*Note: actual production levels may vary.

Watch the video for ‘Hallway Whispers’ below.

Hallway Whispers from Outside Your House on Vimeo.

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