News… Sharer Unveil Their New Single ‘Into This Love’

Back in 2014, Young & Sick was making R&B beats in his bedroom and causing a bit of a stir in the process. Skip forward a bit more than a year and he’s making music with JD Samson, formerly of Le Tigre. Over the summer they released their first single ‘Body Tonight’ under the name Sharer and now they’re sharing ‘Into This Love.’

So as you might have guessed by those titles, the pair aren’t exactly aiming for deep philosophical soul-searching or intellectual observations. But what they are interested in is making a polished hybrid of synthpop and disco that’s shiny, glimmering and like a lost gem from the cutting room floor of the best dance tracks of the 90s. I’d definitely take that as a compliment.

Listen to ‘Into This Love’ below. The single is out now.

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