News… The Derevolutions Share New Single ‘Order and Progress’

About a month ago when prolific Bostonians The Derevolutions re-emerged after a short hiatus, they treated us to the track ‘My Miserlou.’ It was dark, psychedelic and, while it did have pretty much all the hallmarks of the band’s distinctive sound, it wasn’t anywhere near as sunny as we were used to. But it was The Derevolutions. So it was still amazing.

It seems as though the band wanted to assure us that they could still be a whole bundle of fun though, so the official first single from their upcoming album goes back to the comforting upbeat squall of their previous work. ‘Order and Progress’ is unabashed freak-pop centring around completely warped guitars and a few crazy hooks that will get stuck in your head despite the weirdly loose structure the duo have employed. And yeah, it’s free, because tradition implies that no Derevolutions single should come with a price tag.

Listen to ‘Order and Progress’ below.

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