Notes On… Soft Fangs

John Luktevich – the man behind the music of Soft Fangs – has spent much of his time recording within his own childhood home. That makes Soft Fangs a bedroom project, though the story behind his , self-titled EP involved a road trip to Massachusetts piecing together fragments of sound along the way.

For his new, full-length LP, The Light, he’s pretty much travelled down the same path. Except for that road trip. He didn’t take a repeat trip to Massachusetts (not that there’s anything wrong with Massachusetts mind). ‘The Air’ is the album’s debut single and like much of Song Fangs’ work it’s a delicate yet striking piece of work that’s blossomed over time.

Listen to ‘The Air’ below. The Light is out on 18th March 2016 ia Disposable America/ Exploding In Sound Records.

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