News… Astrid S Unveils Emotional New Track ‘Paper Thin’

Go on, you can admit it. You cried at the John Lewis Christmas advert. Again. But Noel Gallagher wasn’t too pleased with the whole thing was he? The ex-Oasis man had a rather violently angry reaction to ‘Half The World Away’ being covered by Norwegian singer Aurora for John Lewis’s annual ‘wistful cover of a well known song.’

Lets leave this unpleasantness behind us and turn our attention to another Norwegian singer, one who luckily won’t have to deal with the wrath of Mr. Gallagher (we hope). Astrid S won the Best Norwegian Act Award at the MTV EMAs and has since released ‘Paper Thin,’ a beautifully delicate track with lyrics that walk the tightrope between tender and desperate (not an easy one to cross). At just 19, Astrid has a bright future ahead of her. If she can steer clear of any Oasis-shaped pitfalls.

Listen to ‘Paper Thin’ below.

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