News… Tiny Giant Share ‘Seeing Everything As Though It Is Real’

Chloe Alper has been on a voyage through all forms of rock (whether it’s riot grrl rhythms with Period Pains or heavy prog with Pure Reason Revolution) but perhaps touring with Charli XCX has given her the taste for pop music. Thus her latest project Tiny Giant – in which she’s teamed up with Grammy-nominated engineer and multi-instrumentalist Mat Collis – combines dreamy pop with futuristic rock. Their words.

Their latest song ‘Seeing Everything As Though It Is Real’ might have a title that sounds distinctly prog rock – and there are some woozy passages of verse here – but it’s also laced with juxtapositions of some massive riffs and sweet vocals that tell of an emotional awakening.

They told The Line of Best Fit about the track: “‘Seeing Everything As Though It Is Real’ is a song about how feelings for a person can bring candour. It’s about how a disarmingly powerful feeling like love can lift a veil on a whole part of yourself you didn’t know existed. I find it fascinating that we have this emotional repertoire that just sits there until it gets jolted into being, and that love can be a self-referential mirror.”

Listen to ‘Seeing Everything As Though It Is Real’ below.

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