12 Days of Christmas… ‘Silent Night’ by The Derevolutions

Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas! For 12 days up to and including Christmas Eve we’re sharing some tunes that’ll be helping you to get into the festive spirit and ranges from everything from pop to R&B, rap to punk rock. Enjoy!

What would the holiday season be if there weren’t traditional carols around? Well, we’re not too sure really. Maybe Christmas wouldn’t exist at all (not likely but I know we’d all miss ‘Little Donkey’ and other such classics). Judging by the levels of ‘traditional’ in The Derevolutions’ take on ‘Silent Night,’ they weren’t too concerned with keeping things overly holy. Instead, the Bostonians took the carol and turned it into a fun-filled voyage of tropicalia and reggae-inspired bass lines. Don’t worry though there’s still some jingle bells in there to remind you that yes, this is indeed a Christmas tune. If you happen to be living in the southern hemisphere though, this is the perfect balance of sun and spirituality.

Listen to ‘Silent Night’ below.

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