News… Safari Gold Share New Single ‘Tide’

The 1975 are perhaps one of the hottest bands in Britain right now, so it’s no wonder that there’s been a slew of groups attempting to replicate their infectious indie pop formula. But to say that Cardiffians Safari Gold are just an imitation is seriously unfair. Yeah, their previous single ‘Howl’ was a bit of a banger in the vein of their larger contemporaries but their latest track ‘Tide’ shows they’ve got a lot more about them. ‘Tide’ is a slick but subdued number that’s wrapped in shimmery pop production; it knows that sometimes less is more.

Lead songwriter Danny told The Line of Best Fit: “‘Tide’ is part of our plan for a release in 2016. It doesn’t have that instant feel about it which we like… the song is about unexplainable connections between people despite not seeing someone in person. Hopefully it says to people that sometimes it’s better to not try and rationalise everything if it feels right.”

Listen to ‘Tide’ below.

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