News… Sea Pinks Unveil New Track ‘Yr Horoscope’

Neil Brogan (formerly of Girls Names and CRUISING), Steven Henry (of Documenta) and Davey Agnew (of Newton Forest FC) got together one day and decided to start a band. That band became Sea Pinks. Two years ago they released a debut LP, Dreaming Tracks, and now they’re back with a brand new album with even more peppy rumblings.

If you cast your mind back to a time when The Vaccines were making two-minute songs and The Drums had a few indie-pop gems and you’ll be able to gather the direction that the trio have maneouvered into over the past couple of years. Their latest, ‘Yr Horoscope,’ is a blast of energy and sunny licks that’ll be wiping away those post-Christmas blues in no time.

Listen to ‘Yr Horoscope’ below.

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