News… twig twig Releases New Song ‘Fade Away’

Image: Charles Billot

You’ve got a CV that extends to playing with Sylvan Esso, Son Lux and Landlady while also producing for Haif Waif, Julia Easterlin and Feathers+Eyes. What do you do next? Well if you’re Brooklynite and acclaimed trumpeter Zubin Hensler there’s only one natural progression: to forge a solo career. Because really, where else is there to go?

Hensler has adopted the name of twig twig (because twigs are cool right now) and has shared a new song ‘Fade Away,’ a deceptively simple tune that’s honest and gives off a sense of warmth despite its slight nihilistic edge. Hensler said of the track: “Have you ever been in the middle of a long conversation with someone when you realise, all of a sudden, that you’re a tiny insect, slowly drowning in a swimming pool on a sunny day?”

Listen to ‘Fade Away’ below.

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