News… Bad Wave Share ‘Runaway’ As Part Of Ambitious Project

If your resolution is to listen to more new music (and let’s be honest, of course it is) then label 10K Islands are looking to help you on your 52-week quest. Every Friday in 2016 they’ll be releasing a brand new song by one of their artists to the fans – it’s an ambitious project that’ll help to keep your MP3s and gramophones fresh all year round.

Bad Wave are the first band to kick off the project with their song ‘Runaway.’ It’s about a girl who runs away. Simple enough. But it’s also a track that’s washed in the kind of nostalgic sounds Phoenix love to dabble in, that slightly off-kilter, late-70s tinge that puts a smile on your face and gets your feet moving. It’s an affecting pop piece that really gives 10K Islands’ mission a jump start.

Listen to ‘Runaway’ below.

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