News… Hear The New Song By Sunflower Bean, ‘Easier Said’

Image: Brad Elterman.

Days into 2016: 8. Days it took me before I got angry at the age of a band: 8. Not very long then. Just a tiny bit over a week into the new year and already I’m picking up on a group that are mature beyond their years. Their young, young years. Sunflower Bean’s members are all under 21 and they’re all exceptionally talented at making music that sounds like Velvet Underground’s 21st-century love child.

The trio are gearing up to release their new LP Human Ceremony, but have shared ‘Easier Said’ as a taster. Epitomising the band’s subliminal quest to rival Wolf Alice and The Vaccines in the DIY stakes, it’s a track that’s o bursting with dreampop¬†sensibilities teamed with acres of mounting distortion. It makes me marginally less bitter that they’re so good at such a young age.

Listen to ‘Easier Said’ below.

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