News… Idle Empress Make Their New EP Free To Stream

Here’s a small sample of some of the titles of Idle Empress’ latest, self-titled EP: ‘Winter.’ ‘Wanderer.’ ‘Woods.’ Now have a think about what Idle Empress might be dealing in. If you said doom metal, you’d be close, but no cigar. The trio are actually a very toasty group based out of Eau Claire in Wisconsin, and they love nothing more than making wondrous doom folk. So you got the ‘doom’ bit right anyway.

Fans of Bon Iver will no doubt lap this EP up but the group have also injected their folk with a good gloop of humour that makes the concoction all the sweeter. Over the course of the five tracks they’ll charm you with warm melodies to defrost the winter chill and might have you asking ‘Justin who?’

Have a listen to ‘Idle Empress’ below.

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