News… Watch The Video For Red Pill’s ’90s Money’

Sometimes I feel like I’m the only person who watches HBO’s amazing send-up of the tech world, Silicon Valley. Based around the trials and tribulations of one tech start up as they battle a major corporation and screw up meetings, valuations, competitions and cope with a number of self-inflicted software and hardware malfunctions. It also has a soundtrack that veers from glitchy jingles to hardcore rap, and sitting somewhere in between that is Red Pill’s latest, ’90s Money.’

Embracing its own nostalgic notions, the rapper drops rhymes over some funk-filled guitars and beats that could’ve come straight from Licensed To Ill. But we’re also here for the video. The glitchy, DIY, scribbled-out, glorious video that contains our hero navigating an inverted cartoon world. Much like walking around Silicon Valley really.

Watch ’90s Money’ below.

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