News… Alexei Shishkin Shares Title Track From New Album ‘Yucca Street’

Last year Portland-based singer-songwriter Alexei Shishkin released (the dog tape), a collection of tunes that was filled with slacker vibes that helped to navigate the troubles that come with a dramatic change of location and lifestyle. Only nine months down the line he’s already gearing up to release a new LP, and it’s already promising to be another glorious slice of understated folk-pop.

‘Yucca Street’ is the title track from the upcoming new album and it’s a slice of downbeat and unassuming quasi-indie that’s reminiscent of The National at their quietest and most reflective. “Haven’t made a meaningful connection in years,” Shishkin opens over the sounds of chatter in the streets and a slightly bent guitar. It’s a song where realisations and limitations combine to create a sense of positivity; somehow you come out of it feeling uplifted, but not really knowing why.

Listen to ‘Yucca Street’ below.

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