News… The Spook School Release Tribute ‘David Bowie Songs’

On Monday the incredibly sad news of David Bowie’s death broke, just three days after he released his last, jazz-inflected album Blackstar. Scottish queer punks The Spook School had already released ‘David Bowie Songs’ – a tribute to the Thin White Duke – hours before his death.

The track is a B-Side to their new single, and it’s a typically heartfelt and jangly affair that’s not dissimilar to what can be found on their most recent album Try To Be Hopeful. It’s a lovely testament to how widely Bowie and his music was beloved by a wide-reaching spectrum of music fans and artists,

“I wish I could love you as much as I love David Bowie songs. But that’s impossible.”

Listen to ‘David Bowie Songs’ below.

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