News… Gosh Pith Share New Track ‘K9’

The year: 1989. Jim Belushi is playing a bad tempered cop in San Diego, Michael Dooley. Dooley has been pinned for a gangland execution by a major drug dealer. But never fear, help was at hand in the form of Jerry Lee, an unorthodox drug sniffing dog who’s set his sights on helping Dooley out of his problem. Hijinks occur, Jerry Lee is revealed to be a smart aleck and Dooley learns to love again.

Now forget everything I’ve just told you because Gosh Pith’s new song doesn’t have anything to do with that 1989 slab of kitsch Hollywood storytelling. Instead, ‘K9’ is a slab of richly textured trap-inspired bass and danceable hi-hats accompanied by luscious R&B vocals that doesn’t have anything to do with Jim Belushi or dogs. Business as usual for the Detroit duo then.

Listen to ‘K9’ below.

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