News… SOFI TUKKER Get Brazilian On ‘Matadora’

Never heard of SOFI TUKKER, you say? Hmm, don’t be so sure. You may not have heard the name but the chances of you having heard their music is actually pretty high; their first single ‘Drinkee’ was used on an advert for the Apple Watch. Now for their second release they’ve gone a little less mainstream.

‘Matadora’ apparently takes inspiration from the Brazilian poet Chacal and contains the traditional Andean instrument the charango. So you might be thinking this isn’t your usual club banger. But actually, ‘Matadora’ is a euphoric slice of danceable pop that soars; it doesn’t matter if you don’t really get the references or recognise the sound of the charango, it’s still infectious and uncompromising.

Listen to ‘Matadora’ below.

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