Listen: Wyldest – ‘Stalking Moon’

We should have picked up the signs Wyldest were trying to give us when they named their upcoming EP Dark Matter. The band are known for their lush instrumentation but they’ve always had a little bit of a dark edge and on their latest song ‘Stalking Moon’ they not only wash you in the rich melodies but also take you on a journey through more emotional territory.

Frontwoman Zoe Mead said of the track: “I wrote this song on acoustic guitar in 2014 and it was lonely and mellow but it isn’t a song about being lonely at all. It’s about people. Almost always there’s something interesting or dark lurking underneath every persona. It’s about hiding secrets and hunting for secrets in others.”

Wallowing in contemplative dreaminess for much of the track, by its full-force closing salvo you’ll be fully immersed in the darker world of Mead and her Wyldest bandmates.

Listen to ‘Stalking Moon’ below.

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