Listen: Tangerine – ‘Sunset’

Next month Seattle garage pop trio Tangerine are releasing their new EP Sugar Teeth and in the run up to its launch they’ve shared ‘Sunset,’ an apparently jaunty and slightly funky track that seems to be filled with fun. We say ‘seems’ and ‘apparently’ for good reason. Because while most of the track is filled with bouncy, shout-along vocals and airy, fuzzed-out guitars, the lyrics suggest something a bit darker is going on here. And then there’s an inexplicable change of pace about a minute from the end. What could possibly be behind this?

Singer-songwriter Marika Justad, told Stereogum briefly about the song: “Sunset” is a toast to the intensity of being a teenager, to the weirdness of feeling so alive but also not yet fully-formed. At the same time, it’s about coming of age.” It’s all relatable material then, and illuminates that moment when the song seems to randomly switch between being a playful garage jaunt to a downtempo amble to the finish. A beautiful bit of song construction that perfectly mirrors the themes of the track.

Listen to ‘Sunset’ below.

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