Listen: Frances Cone – ‘Arizona’

How long do you think bands normally take writing and recording their songs? From start to finish, a well constructed and produced song could take some time. But you probably wouldn’t guess it would take ten years. Well, that’s exactly how long it took Frances Cone to produce ‘Arizona.’ A work of pure, personal emotion, it takes as its theme the life of frontwoman Christina Cone’s brother, who grew up with a Southern Baptist preacher as a father.

Cone had this to say about the track: “‘Arizona’ is a song that’s been swirling around and building up in my brain for the past 10 years or so. In my late teens, I spent a week in the southwest with my brother and as a person initially very comfortable/secure with our Southern Baptist upbringing, my belief structure suddenly got pretty rattled for a variety of reasons, including meeting his first boyfriend. All the mountains of ideology I’d pretty blindly built up over the years were suddenly paper thin and almost everything changed. That time was so important to me and my brother is so important to me — it all became the groundwork of who I am, and is Arizona in song form.”

Listen to ‘Arizona’ below.

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