Watch: Lunacre – ‘Shit Picasso’

British indie-electro quintet Lunacre released their EP Troupe last year and it’s filled with slightly creepy, semi-experimental songs that got under your skin with their wealth of ideas and some truly infectious moments. After a fair bit of teasing, the animated clip to accompany ‘Shit Picasso’ is finally here and as all the trails suggested, it’s about as weird as you’re expecting.

Animated by the band themselves, the short epic follows the band as they go on a road trip from hell. Basically, it’s just a bit creepy and that’s not because the cut out shapes of the band’s eyes look a bit… lifeless. When one of the first images in the video is a butterfly with the head of your grandma, you know you’re in for a bit of a psychedelic trip down into the rabbit hole. And it’s an adventure to be continued too, making it all the more intriguing…

Watch the video for ‘Shit Picasso’ below.


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