Listen: The Pocket Rockets – ‘The End’

5,200 miles away from the headquarters of Forgotten City Records lies Los Angeles, home of the stars. And it’s also home to their latest signing and potential stars of the future, The Pocket Rockets. Made up of Ralph Blanco, Lyndon Miller and Chistepher Magallon, the residents of East LA specialise in up-front vocals, taut guitars and DIY squalls.

They’ve been busy making their debut LP, out later this year, but have kindly shared three-minute foot-tapper ‘The End.’ Filled with thrash vibes and an infectious chorus that could fill any indie disco, the fuzz and ridiculously laid-back attitude will set the hearts of Strokes and Cribs fans all aflutter. Mixing a punk mentality with the pop sensibilities of The Vaccines means the trio are already on to a wininng formula. ‘The End’? More like just the beginning.

Listen to ‘The End’ below.

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