Watch: Transfigure – ‘Fields’

Image: Conor Hancock

Sometimes when contemporary music is described as being ‘a bit 80s’ it’s meant with a little bit of malice, like there’s something a bit cheesy going on under the synth sheen. Well there’s nothing cheesy about Newcastle darkwave duo Transfigure, who have a sound that late-80s Depeche Mode would be proud of combined with the hypnotic abysses of Zola Jesus’ best work.

Their latest single ‘Fields’ has been given a typically brooding new video, directed by Conor Hancock. The duo skulk around the woods with moody, ambiguous, out of focus shots and a lot of backwards walking, which isn’t easy to do with all that foliage knocking around. But in all seriousness, ‘Fields’ is a track that will get under your skin and the thoughtful clip adds to its moodiness without detracting from the power of the song itself.

Watch the video for ‘Fields’ below.

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