Listen: Great Pagans – ‘Call of the Void’

Back in 2014 Brighton-based quartet Great Pagans released their debut LP Cupid In Error and it was a stabbing and often euphoric little indie rock record. A couple of years down the line and they’re starting to tease more new music, including ‘Call of the Void’ (which is coming out on Anti-Ghost Moon Ray, possibly the best-named label we’ve heard in a while).

‘Call of the Void’ is a bit of an odd little track when you really start to think about it. It’s got a bouncy synth, rolling drums, a lot of beefy bass and frontman Alex Painter doing what he does best by being completely absorbing in his lamentations. But it also pretty much inexplicably stops halfway through only to work itself back into a frenzy – is this the void that they’re speaking of? If you just switch your brain off and stop thinking about that curious little moment though, you’re rewarded with a song that makes great use of the juxtaposition between Painter’s sadness and the buoyant melodies. It’s a cathartic experience in many ways, and one that you feel only Great Pagans could actually pull off.

Listen to ‘Call of the Void’ below.

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