Listen: A Festival A Parade – ‘Where’s The Treasure?’

For anyone who’s been hanging around the Newcastle music scene, mumblings of a certain kind-of supergroup might have hit your ears. A Festival A Parade are made up of singer-songwriter Joe Allan, Reece Spencer of post-punk outfit Shades, former drummer of Schultz Liam Tellum and bassist and one half of promoters Beyond the Wall Ollie Winn. Together they’ve been steadily working, playing a few free gigs but all but holding back their recordings in anticipation of their upcoming debut EP A Piece of Meat, An Irregular Heartbeat.

But it was only a matter of time before they were destined to release some recordings on to the world and, a month before the band are set to release their EP, they’ve shared teaser ‘Where’s The Treasure?’ Like much of their body of work, it’s a sombre piece that’s heightened by Allan’s lyrics. But it soon turns into an epic and atmospheric explosion of drums and guitar squalls. How it’s only barely over three minutes long is anyone’s guess, because the band cram so many ideas into this it’s almost criminal.

Listen to ‘Where’s The Treasure?’ below.

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