Listen: Tiny Deaths – ‘The Gardener’

Image: Zoe Prinds

Split between Minneapolis and Brooklyn, the duo behind Tiny Deaths have been busy making brooding and atmospheric indie that often soars in the stratosphere. So it’s maybe a bit surprising to anyone familiar with their work to find that their latest offering, ‘The Gardener,’ is a bit more restrained affair that drifts along on its bass hook and the melodic vocal qualities of singer Claire De Lune.

De Lune explained to Stereogum that the song is a bit of a departure for her lyrically: “’The Gardener’ is a song written from the perspective of the “bad guy” in a relationship, the person who does the cheating and heartbreaking. I thought it would be interesting to explore things from that perspective since I usually write about being the one getting my heart broken.” But the duo pull off this venture into unknown thematic territory as well as anything else they’ve produced.

Listen to ‘The Gardener’ below.


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