Listen: Crater – ‘Summer Skin’

Image: Ceci Cor-Leo

Before anyone thinks it is, the answer is no: this isn’t a Death Cab For Cutie cover version. In fact, Crater’s ‘Summer Skin’ shares barely anything with its ever-so-slightly more famous counterpart. The Seattle electronic duo are instead following up their previous singles ‘Habits Die Slow’ and ‘Hardly At All’ with a slab of dancefloor-friendly wonky electronica.

The duo told Nylon: “The apathy and general malaise we witness on the reg from kids our age and even experience ourselves can be so maddening that we decided to write a song about it.” The result is this slice of eager urging to get what you want and rid yourself of any slacker notions. Set against a bit of a banging beat and a medley of bleeps and blips, ‘Summer Skin’ is the only song you need right now to help you shed those pesky inhibitions.

Listen to ‘Summer Skin’ below.

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