Listen: Crescendo – ‘Softly’

We’ve got to hand it to Los Angeles dreampop outfit Crescendo. They’ve mastered the art of naming a song so you know exactly what it’s going to sound like. The hazy guitars and reverb-laden characteristics of shoegaze mean that there’s always a least a tinge of fluffy comfort in the layers of swirling sounds the genre demands. But then sometimes that gets pushed to the limit so you feel like you’re just lying on the world’s most comfortable cloud.

For the two minutes and forty six seconds of ‘Softly,’ that’s pretty much exactly what Crescendo does. Gregory Cole and Olive Kimoto’s vocals combine beautifully together over a bed of expansive guitars that somehow manage to be tight and melodic and completely blissed out. How this happens we don’t know. It might be witchcraft. We’re just happy floating along with the band for an all too brief couple of minutes.

Listen to ‘Softly’ below.

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