Listen: Sundai – ‘Unreliable’

Last year Oh Wonder released a single every month for a year, eventually culminating in the release of their debut album. It seemed like a bit of an insurmountable task at the time but they managed it, eventually producing a collection in which every song was very literally single-worthy. London based singer-songwriter Sundai is doing something very similar through 2016, and is kicking things off with ‘Unreliable.’ A fusion of soul, funk and R&B elements, and produced by Wantigga, it’s a real grower that harks back to the production of The Neptunes and shows off Sundai’s vocal talent.

Sundai says of her project: “I wanted the journey to be organic, I want to make music for people with experiences, regrets, hopes, fears, and releasing a track per month is a way to unravel a story, my story, my perspective, but inevitably reflect the feeling of the listener, everything I’ve gone through they’ve gone through and more, this is like pages from a diary that belongs to everyone.”

Listen to ‘Unreliable’ below.

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