Listen: Chinah – ‘Colder’

Chinah’s new EP Once The Lights Are On is a beautiful, slinky collection that will delight any fans of contemporary R&B. What we’re saying is, if you haven’t already checked it out then do: it’s quite something. But for those of you who maybe need a little more persuading about Chinah’s greatness then may we present this piece of evidence: one of their latest songs, ‘Colder.’

Following on from the stunning ‘Minds’ last year, ‘Colder’ does everything you’d expect from the Danish trio. But that’s okay, because that just means it’s pretty captivating. It slinks along with rolling keyboards and minimal beats in the verses before exploding into a blur of drums and distorted guitar squall in the chorus. Holding it all together, as always, is frontwoman Fine Glindvad, whose vocals are as smooth and sensual as ever.

You won’t be feeling cold towards Chinah after this one. Sorry…

Listen to ‘Colder’ below.

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