Listen: Keiandra – ‘Icing Sugar’

Next month Newcastle-based singer-songwriter Keiandra will be releasing her much-anticipated debut EP Empty Palaces and will be playing her first show with a full band. Hurrah! In the run up to its release, she’s also shared her latest single, ‘Icing Sugar.’

Now, don’t let the sickly-sweet opening line of ‘Icing Sugar’ put you off; yes, this is a tale about having a crush but it turns out the track won’t rot your teeth with too much high-calorie fructose. Instead, much like its predecessor ‘Wanted,’ it’s a swirling and reverb-laden song that’s just a tiny bit menacing. Keiandra’s floaty voice glides along with her guitar licks all but underneath the haze and a wealth of electro-inspired beats. Careful you don’t get too addicted to it.

Listen to ‘Icing Sugar’ below.

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