Listen: John Keek – ‘By Your Side (feat Georgia Anne Muldrow and Reinier Baas)

Hands up if you like Flying Lotus! There’s probably not a lot of hands that are staying firmly by their owner’s sides with that question; FlyLo is one of the world’s foremost producers of hip hop and jazz fusion, and his last album was a thirty minute blast of double basses, noodly guitars, twinkly pianos, beats and Kendrick Lamar.

But we’re not here to talk about FlyLo, we’re here to talk about John Keek, the Las Vegas native who might be a serious challenge to Mr. Ellison’s throne. His latest track ‘By Your Side’ enlists the help of vocalists Georgia Anne Muldrow and Reinier Baas, and is a very chilled, ever so slightly bizarre but truly captivating piece of jazz fusion. The vocals themselves harmonise beautifully but also drift off into odd territory, sometimes turning into Daft Punk-esque robot voices. But the star here is Keek’s production, which is relatively minimal but has some of the best jazz guitar you’ll hear around. So yeah, it’s a bit weird. But no-one ever got noticed sticking to the rules, did they? Watch out Steven Ellison…

Listen to ‘By Your Side’ below.

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