Listen: vox + O Mer – ‘The Smell Of The Blood’

Image: Irina Garaiacu

LA-based singer and producer Vox has been no stranger to collaborations in the past, releasing songs with the likes of Cubby and Dylan Brady. For her latest captivating release she’s now teamed up with Brooklyn-based composer O Mer, whose work is just as diverse and distinctive as Vox’s. So it’s no surprise that the result of their musical coupling, ‘The Smell of the Blood,’ is a captivating and intriguing listen. While Vox’s vocals are sublime as ever, the glitchy beats that O Mer brings, as well as the Eastern-inspired wobbly synth that punctuates certain moments, really takes it over the top.

Vox told Pigeons and Planes: “As soon as I met O Mer I knew he would be into this song I had written when I first moved to LA […] I wrote it one night when I’d arrived at a party but didn’t want to go inside. I stood on the sidewalk typing these lyrics into a note in my phone. It’s an unusual song but definitely has a classic feel, and I knew it’d give plenty of space for O Mer to do his thing production-wise.”

Listen to ‘The Smell of the Blood’ below.

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