Listen: WOMAN – ‘Psychedelic Lover’

German outfit WOMAN are making themselves pretty hard to classify. The group are preparing to release their debut EP Fever in March but have shared the off-kilter R&B jam ‘Psychedelic Lover’ as a taster of what to expect. And what to expect is probably the unexpected, as the whole thing track seems designed to consistently catch you off guard.

Like most modern R&B tunes, ‘Psychedelic Lover’ is accompanied by some seriously silky smooth vocals that sensuously glide over the rest of the track. But what’s going on underneath that sheen is very curious. Its layers of instrumentation is built on a minimal, warped synth and funk-filled melodies, but then there’s stabbing electronics in the bridge and an electrifying guitar burst at the climax. Oh, and a completely different drum beat just appears randomly for ten seconds at the end, in case you hadn’t been thrown enough curveballs. Brilliant curveballs, of course.

Listen to ‘Psychedelic Lover’ below. It’s available to download for free now on their Soundcloud page.

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