Watch: Let’s Eat Grandma – ‘Deep Six Textbook’

First, a public service announcement: we really wouldn’t recommend eating your grandma. That’s bad advice and will see you breaking a few laws. Luckily, we genuinely don’t believe that Norwich teenagers Rosa and Jenny, the duo behind Let’s Eat Grandma, would eat their grandparents. But perhaps if we were living in a post-apocalyptic world where that might be your only, particularly grim food source, their music might soundtrack the quieter, more contemplative moments in-between your fight for survival.

On to more pleasant matters, their debut single ‘Deep Six Textbook’ is a curious and enchanting song that also contains a defiant edge. As the pair cry out over the sound of chimes and chilling playground handclaps, they create a deep spell that means you can’t stop listening but also feel just a bit creeped out. Balancing the otherworldliness and discontent isn’t easy, especially at a tender age, but Let’s Eat Grandma manage to pull it off ably.

Listen to ‘Deep Six Textbook’ below.

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