Watch: Oscar – ‘Sometimes’

Oscar’s debut album Cut and Paste is out soon and latest single ‘Sometimes’ has been bothering our eardrums for a while. The British pop rocker has created a song that sounds like a weird outtake from Blur’s Parklife thanks to its extreme catchiness. It was also originally accompanied by a video where Oscar was surrounded by a bunch of crying women in a bathtub…

In this new clip directed by Bryan Schlam, Oscar takes an odd journey through the backwaters of America, hanging out with some of the weird and wonderful clubs of the country (including the Cloudy Knights Cape Team and The Cow Town Singles Squaredance Club) and plays in front of the Cabazon Dinosaurs and Randy’s Donuts. It’s like the oddball film Wes Anderson never made, and sums up the unique charm of the song itself.

Watch the video for ‘Sometimes’ below.

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