Listen: Gordi – ‘Avant Gardener (Courtney Barnett Cover)’

Image: Lisa Businovski

Last year, 22 year old Australian singer-songwriter Gordi, aka Sophie Payton, released one of our songs of the year in the form of ‘Can We Work It Out.’ A blistering indie pop song, its vocals, lyrics and emotionally arresting sound made it a stand out debut. That’s not quite what fellow Aussie Courtney Barnett likes to dabble in; she’s more into observational, often funny pieces about oddball characters and her love of ramen noodles.

So how was Gordi going to tackle ‘Avant Gardener,’ Barnett’s tale of a class clown slowly having a mental breakdown? Very well, of course. Gone is Barnett’s familiar rock guitar in favour of an understated piano ballad that turns the emotional tide on the song. Now, instead of being a humorous fable it’s another emotionally charged piece, but doesn’t suffer for it. Gordi takes the song and makes it her own, building up to a beautiful and heart-stopping climax that’ll leave your hairs standing on end.

Listen to Gordi’s cover of ‘Avant Gardener’ below.

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