Listen: Sara Hartman – ‘Stranger In A Room (Jamie xx Cover)’

Image: Jennifer Stenglein

On last year’s dancefloor-bothering, critically acclaimed album In Colour, Jamie xx teamed up briefly with Oliver Sim to grace us with ‘Stranger In A Room,’ a heavy electronic number that had a no holds barred feel. Berlin resident Sara Hartman also fell in love with the track, so she decided to make her own cover version. Stripping back most of the beats and synths, Hartman tries to expose the more emotional edge to the song in her version, while still trying to stay faithful to Mr. xx’s love of relative minimalism.

Sara told Pigeons and Planes about the cover: “I really loved the whole Jamie xx album but ‘Stranger In A Room’ was very special. For me the lyric was about the lonely side of the ‘no holding back’ rager party scene which I was exposed to when I moved to Berlin. I thought it was a unique perspective on the thing that is at the core of the place I moved to. The other side of the glamour had always fascinated me”

Listen to her cover of ‘Stranger In A Room’ below.

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