Listen: Miles From Kinshasa – ‘KAYA’

Have a look on Miles From Kinshasa’s Facebook About page and you’ll find a cheeky little message posted next to the ‘genre’ section: “ha nice try.” The simple message conveys everything you need to know about Miles’ attitude towards making music. He’s determined not to be pigeonholed, instead taking inspiration both from the sounds of his homeland (in the Democratic Republic of Congo) and the urban scene of London.

While his last effort ‘IVRY’ showed off some of where he was going with this fusion, Miles’ latest effort ‘KAYA’ is much more of an indication of his intent. While Miles’ vocal performance is as laid back as Drake, the instrumentation is layered and lush. Tribal beats marry up against glittering electronics and warped, stabbing synths to create a wondrous, internationally-flavoured and boundary defying soundscape.

Listen to ‘KAYA’ below.

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