Listen: Coves – ‘You’re Evil’

We don’t really think that we’re evil. In fact, we’re pretty sure we’re far from being evil. Coves vocalist Beck Wood explained to the Line of Best Fit that this track is about taking potshots at “people that I used to know who shat on my dreams or were two faced.” That’s not us: we love Coves and have always shouted out about it. But that doesn’t mean that their latest track doesn’t make us wonder whether we might be somewhere on the spectrum of darkness.

That’s because ‘You’re Evil’ is a very meaty slab of visceral rock with a fuzzed out punk edge. Wood is the real force of nature here though, spitting out jagged barbs and genuinely being just a bit terrifying. We’re not evil. And thank the lord for that because it’d be really scary being on the receiving end of this aggression.

Listen to ‘You’re Evil’ below.

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